Waterproof Advanced Wound Care Dressing for Catheters and IVs

  • Premium, hospital-quality dressing designed for comfortable securement and viewing of catheters, IVs and central lines is now available for home health use
  • Conformable, breathable, waterproof dressing provides a barrier against contaminants; doesn’t stick to itself
  • Large transparent film “window” with a “frame” for easy placement and gentle removal
  • Easy 3-step application with instruction printed right on the package
  • Use to cover and protect partial-thickness wounds, full-thickness wounds, and peripheral and central IV line sites, skin tears, lacerations and abrasions

Optifoam Gentle EX Dressing, Educational Packaging, Sterile

  • Premium, 5-layer medical-grade dressing designed for advanced wound care is now available for home health use
  • Super absorbent with a gentle touch and superior to drugstore bandages
  • Absorbent silicone-faced foam gently covers wound and helps reduce friction
  • Silicone adhesive border for easier repositioning and gentle removal
  • Low-profile design is flexible, conformable and comfortable; max. 7-day wear time

SkinAffix Surgical Adhesive

  • Skin Affix is a sterile, high viscosity liquid topical skin adhesive used to close simple lacerations, wounds and minimally invasive surgical incisions
  • It is comprised of a proprietary 2 octyl- cyanoacrylate, which polymerizes within minutes for a secure and strong wound closure
  • Designed to save time during wound repair, provide a flexible, water-resistant, microbial barrier, and eliminate the need for suture removal
  • The applicator is designed to provide versatile coverage with less adhesive material, and the dark violet tint makes application easy
  • Skin Affix is water resistant and will remain on the skin for 5-10 days and will slough off naturally for greater patient comfort

Urine Bag

  • 4 L urine sterile drainage bag with graduation, rounded shape
  • 2 hanging systems: rope hangeror universal double-hook for bed fixation
  • Needle free silicone sampling port on universal connector eliminating the risk of needle stick injury
  • Transparent drip chamber with anti-reflux valve to reduce the risk of retrograde bacteria migration into the drainage tube and to prevent cross-contamination
  • Flexible and kinking resistant tube of 100cm length
  • Used in combination with a three ways prostatic catheters

Urostomy Bags

  • Gentle convexity to reduce leakages from flush or slightly retracted stomas
  • Soft slope of 6 mm provided by an integrated soft flexible ring
  • Atraumatic edge profile
  • Three positions for belt fixation and to intensify the convexity effect
  • Uro-specific outlet with open/closed position
  • Fits in perfectly and is strengthened by a click and a final locking system

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